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Bruton Backflow & Irrigation: 

A Northwest family owned business with over 25 years of combined experience in Backflow Prevention Assembly Testing & Landscape Irrigation Maintenance Industries.

We are united in purpose & dedication and each of us bring a unique skill set & our own high level of work ethic, diligence & customer service to our company, making us a dynamic choice for your Backflow Prevention Assembly & Irrigation Maintenance needs. 


Our intention as we approach each job is to employ courteous, professional, quality work in a timely & thorough manner, that ensures customer satisfaction.  


Our goal as a company is not only to meet the needs of our customers with affordable efficiency, but to facilitate better health & safety through the protection of the water systems in their communities, positively impacting the environment. We also actively engage in building strong relationships with other professionals throughout the industry, cooperating with them to bring added excellence to the mutual clients we all serve in the greater Portland metro area and beyond.

"Give us a call....Consider it Done!"

Tim Bruton-Owner, Tester,

Head Irrigation Specialist

Hello to all. I'm Tim and I anchor our team. I started in the construction industry at age 17. I am now 61 and have a great deal of experience and a variety of skills across a plethora of fields, ("do you know what a plethora is?"). I've been working in this particular industry for 17 years as a backflow tester, repair tech and head irrigation specialist. I am very pleased to be entering into business with this team, not just because they are my beloved family but because of the caliber and quality of their individual character and skill levels. It's nice to work with people I can trust and depend on. We all care about each other and our clients. Good old fashioned customer service, which seems to be a thing of the past, is a byproduct of our way of doing business. We each go out of our way to give the type of service we ourselves would hope to receive, (do unto others, what goes around comes around and so on). We can be depended upon to do the work we say we will do, in the time frame we said we would do it, meeting or exceeding all of the rules, standards and procedures required for the price quoted or less, if we can. I very much enjoy the relationships I experience in this industry from the "old boys" to the new arrivals. I look forward to interactions with other backflow professionals including all water company representatives. My hope is to bring unity to this industry across the board as we work together for the same goal, to keep our drinking water clean and safe. See you out there!


my name is Matt Bruton. I have over 12 years experience as a backflow tester in the greater Portland Metropolitan area. In addition to my backflow testing experience, I have 20 years of construction industry experience & over 12 years experience in customer service, across multiple retail venues, sales, and other service industries. I was born in Portland, Oregon and grew up in the Columbia River Gorge. I am an avid rock climber and outdoor enthusiast. My wife of 16 years and I, along with our 3 children, lived in Colorado for  8 years and are excited to be back in the northwest and Corbett Oregon.

Matt Bruton-Owner , Tester,

Marketing Manager

 Jan Bruton-Owner,

Administrative Manager


Hi, I'm Jan, the person you're most likely to speak with when you reach us by phone.  I have 11 years experience in an office setting, 5 of those years managing Bruton Backflow & Irrigation. I enjoy helping customers get what they need & look forward to the conversations we have, even if they are brief & just once or twice a year!

My personal life is very full, as I'm a mom of 4 grown children & grandmother of 8! I'm also an organic vegetable gardener, cook & nutrition educator. As a native Portland Oregonian, I'm rejuvenated by the mountains, the woods & the ocean! I enjoy many outdoor activities especially fishing, camping, hiking, bike riding & wildlife observation.

I dabble in art & music...  I'm passionate about my family, & the plight of the marginalized & helpless members of our greater human family!


Garden of the Gods Colorado
Jan and brook trout
Granddaughter in Grandmas Garden
Tim on the beach
In Grandmas Garden
Matt & Family in Colorado
The oldest and youngest Grandkids
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