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Bruton Backflow and Irrigation, LLC 
is primarily a backflow prevention assembly testing company that also maintains and services small, typically residential, irrigation systems. We care about our clients and the quality of the services we provide for them. It is difficult to cover all of the scenarios involved with services and pricing, but the following information should take most of the guess work out of it. We invite all to inquire further if any clarification is needed.

Basic Test Pricing

Our commitment to our customers and the safety of the public drinking water supply: In the event of a failed initial test, on all standard* residential irrigation assemblies 1" or smaller, our test fees include cleanout and repair, or replacement of small internal parts as needed, to obtain passing results and full compliance with State regulations.

Assembly 2" or Smaller:


Standard* Single Assembly--------------------------------------------------------------- $55.00

Newly Installed Assembly, Test report printed on site------------------------------$85.00

Assembly Over 2":

Large Assembly, requires additional time for gate valves, alarms & chains and/or contacting an alarm company etc.-----------------------------------------------------$100.00

Newly Installed Large Assembly, Test report printed on site--------------------$125.00


Rush Service Fee----------------------------------------------------------------------------- $38.50

*Note: "Standard" means an approved assembly installed according to proper installation guidelines, Ground boxes and Vaults should be properly maintained so as to be accessible for testing, maintenance, and repairs. Proper assemblies include usable handles and functional test ports and access to all components needed to test or open and perform maintenance. See the images to the right for reference to some of these assemblies; they give good examples of what your assembly should look like. The images below give some practical examples of difficult assemblies to test.

   (See also service bundling at the bottom of this page.)


Proper installations with standard test fees
Backflow testing in the NW can get tricky
Restricted by wires, pipes, roots
Pipe installed against cap
Pipe installed against cap
Test ports against box
Device access restricted
Hard handle to reach
buried w/ pipes over device

Assemblies needing maintenance, potentially increasing test costs

Images of Vaults and Confined Spaces

Hazzard Vault Pumped Out
Hazzard Vault Pumped Out
Deep Standing Water
Common Manhole Vault
Deep standing water
Deep Standing Water
Vaults and Confined Spaces


Each vault must be evaluated individually for hazardous atmospheric conditions and other safety concerns such as depth of vault without a ladder or deep standing water. Also many assemblies in vaults have alarms that must be put into test mode and chains with locks that must be unlocked. They also have large, hard to turn handles and stems. These conditions cause delays and increase testing or return trip costs. The following fees are applied in addition to the basic test price as listed above.


Confined Space entry fee each-------------------------- $45.00

Vault Pump Out (depending on depth and time):

At hourly rate of $192.50 ---------------------Minimum $55.00


Confined spaces with observed atmospheric hazards requiring additional personnel and safety equipment will be assessed individually and a quote will be given for acceptance before a test is performed.


Note: In this particular industry, confined spaces like unvented vaults or manholes with measurable atmospheric hazards are actually rare, but do exist. The vast majority we test in are charged at standard rates. We at Bruton Backflow however, will not compromise our safety for profit or put our clients liability at risk.


Backflow Prevention Assembly Maintenance & Repairs*


All Backflow Preventers have internal parts. Most are made of plastic and rubber and do wear out over time, or get debris caught in them causing the assembly to fail.

The proper operation of these parts is what the annual testing is all about. We offer services and new parts to maintain your backflow preventer in good working order, protecting all our drinking water from potential contamination. If an assembly fails testing, we will contact you, explain needed maintenance and provide an estimate for repairs.

If we are retained to maintain or repair a failed assembly the charge will include:


repair labor + repair parts + half-priced retest and submission

Repair Labor, prorated --------------------------------------------------$192.50/hour

Parts Costs for a check, air inlet or relief valve - approximately-- $15.00-$2000.00 (depending on type, size and parts needed for proper operation)


We leave any worn out, damaged or otherwise faulty parts with the assembly for our clients to inspect at their leisure.


Removal of backflow assembly, capping off lines and sending report to the water purveyor, plus permit if required (requires estimate) minimum -----------$192.50

*Note: Our licensing allows the repair of any "Non-Potable" Irrigation system plumbing, including lawn sprinklers/fountains/water features/ponds/sump pumps/ etc. Special licensing and training may be required to repair assemblies on piping systems where people will be consuming the water they supply, (potable water lines).  In many of these cases only a licensed Plumber can perform "Plumbing" repairs on potable water systems. Bruton Backflow and Irrigation will advise on site.

Check Too Old
Check Fouled With Debris
Check Fouled With Deposits

Various irrigation images

(this gallery not yet populated, images to come

Automatic sprinklers watering grass

Irrigation Maintenance and Repairs


Basic System Adjustment:

Running a system zone by zone and evaluating all components for proper type, position and function. The goal for each individual zone is for the watering needs of the vegetation in that zone to be met when run for the appropriate amount of time. Most smaller systems, (up to 8 zones), that have not been neglected for long periods of time can be functionally adjusted in about 1 hour. Some take much longer and some are just a quick run through to see that everything is functioning as intended. Once a system is adjusted, (barring any significant event or abuse), it can be evaluated and adjusted in a very short time, usually about 1/2 hour.

All of the other services involving digging in the ground are subject to conditions as well, such as tree roots, rocks, concrete, pipes and wiring found underground, around or near components. The only thing that we can control is our approach to and execution of each individual task. We work as efficiently and diligently as we can to get the job done properly to save our clients unnecessary expense. The hourly rate may seem slightly high, however, a job done properly once, in a timely manner is always a savings. We also stand behind our work so that if there is a problem, we follow through to fix it.

Irrigation Labor Hourly Rate ------------------------------- $192.50/hr

All jobs bid at ---------------------------------------- Labor + Materials

Each individual irrigation system has its own characteristics and concerns. Many have been installed by "professionals" and many by homeowner's just trying to save some money. Therefore, each system must be evaluated individually, as no two systems are alike.


Call, email or click on the "place an order" button. We will respond promptly for clarification and to see if we are the right choice for your irrigation system needs.

Irrigation system evaluations generally take about 1/2-1 hour, depending on the size of the system and issues of concern. We schedule a minimum 1/2 hour at the hourly rate and then provide a formal estimate for the work to be done at another appointment date and time. 

Spring & Winter Seasonal Services


(TSO) Turn water on to system in spring, minimum-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------$55.00

     Check for any open components such as test cocks, hose bibs, drains and zone valves and turn system

     on, checking meter to confirm static condition and no active leaks.


(ADJ) Adjustment of an existing irrigation system------------------------------------------------------------------------(Minimum $96.25)

                                                                                                                                                                                                 $192.50/hr + parts

     Running a system zone by zone and evaluating all components for proper type, position and function. Replacing or

     repairing parts as needed and setting timer if requested. Most systems, 8 zones or less, take about an hour. Time and

     materials are solely dependent on condition and size of each individual system. Please be prepared to give us a good idea

     of your systems issues and all that you need done so we can schedule adequate time for this service. 

(TOD) Turn water off to system and decompress: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------$55.00

      a. Turn off primary shutoff, if available, and confirm fully off. If there is no primary shutoff or it is damaged,

          hidden or inaccessible, we will use the #1 shutoff of the backflow prevention assembly and confirm the

          water is fully off.

      b. Open remaining shutoffs of backflow assembly and open all test cocks and drains in backflow assembly

          box 45 degrees, (if they are ball valves and if they are usable) and cap all test cocks to keep assembly clean.

(TODO) Turn water off, decompress and open full system: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------$66.00

      a. Same as turn off and decompress plus:

      b. Search entire property for all visually available zone valves, drains or hose bibs and manually open all

          components allowing system to drain. Drainage of system is dependent on its design and installation.

(TODOI)Turn water off and decompress, open full system and insulate all available ground boxes -------------------------------$77.00

      a. Same as turn off, decompress and open full system plus:

      b. Add insulation to all visually available ground boxes for optimal protection of all components.


(BO) Full System Blowout up to an 8 zone system------------------------------------------------------------------------------------$115.00

                                                                                    --------------------------------------------------------- per each additional zone $14.00

      a. Turn off primary shutoff, if available, and confirm fully off. If there is no primary shutoff or it is damaged,          

          hidden or inaccessible, we will use the #1 shutoff of the backflow prevention assembly and confirm the 

         water is fully off.

      b. Connect to irrigation system with compressed air and thoroughly blow out all water for 100% guarantee

          against damage due to freeze. 

      c. Leave all components properly configured to just turn system on in the spring, saving time and expense.

Note: All services include a leak check at the meter to determine that the irrigation system is static before we leave. Also, as a professional courtesy, if we see anything wrong with your system, we will let you know.

Extremely large irrigation systems will incur added cost due to the extra time and materials needed to service these larger systems. Each larger system will need to be assessed for size, configuration, condition and cost.

Bundling Services


Depending on when your backflow test is due, you may choose to bundle the test with the corresponding seasonal service as follows: 

Backflow test plus spring TSO or fall TOD------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------$55.00

Backflow test plus spring TSO if property must be walked to close components before charging system, minimum--------$66.00

Backflow test plus fall TODO---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------$66.00

Backflow test plus fall TODOI--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------$77.00

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